Buyer's Remorse: in Dating and in the UK

Ever bought into something and awoken the next morning with regrets. "Oh my god, oh my god, I like didn’t really know like how messed up everything would feel this morning! Please God can there be a do-over."     

As we read about voting regrets in the UK, we can wonder what makes us rethink our choices. Perhaps we become frighteningly aware that our action was actually more of a knee-jerk reaction. Knee-jerk reactions signal that our socialized selves have been hijacked by our more childish selves.

Politics and dating both stir up little kid hopes. Disappointment when our hopes do not pan out fuel knee-jerk reactions. Our kid parts don’t have impulse control for goodness sakes. When we let our kid parts run the show, we are bound to wake up to bad reviews.

Naked Online: A DoZen Ways to Grow from Internet Dating offers opportunities to write and draw in the journaling sections after each chapter. Drawing is a great way for our kid selves to express intense disappointment.  We can draw a stick figure with a grumpy-faced, oversized head and a talk bubble that reads, I hate him!  He acts like he doesn't even like me! 

When the little kid part of us roars itself out on the pages of Naked Online, there is more room for "on the other hand..." With more consideration of actions, we are more likely to make good decisions and less likely to wake up with buyer's remorse.