Is online dating driving you crazy?


Maybe you want to try this modern-day matchmaking method but you've heard horror stories.  Navigating the world of profiles and prospects requires a level of vulnerability that can feel like standing naked in front of strangers. We offer our book, Naked Online: A DoZen Ways to Grow from Internet Dating, to help.

The focus is not on how to catch and keep the partner of your dreams, it's how to develop lustier life skills.

Dee Wagner has published an article at Elephant Journal: The Science Behind Mindfulness (from a Polyvagal Junkie)

                  photo by J Cargile


 Naked Online is a guidebook for any online dater who
wants to transform the rollercoaster experience of online
dating into a more mindful journey. Notice how the
authors sneak the word zen into the subtitle.


photo by Len Brown

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Designer John Cargile, psychotherapist Dee Wagner, and freelance writer Kathy Jernigan (l-r), shift the focus of online dating. Each text and coffee date is a relationship laboratory for developing lustier life skills.

About the Authors

illustration by J Cargile